There was a great flood…

In the dawn of time, Magbabaya (Supreme Being) sent a great flood to cleanse the earth of evildoers who neglected and transgressed the relationship of man, spirits and nature. Before the flood came, Magbabaya instructed a holy prophet named Nabis ha Agbibilin and his brothers and father to climb the peak of Lumuluyaw to save themselves. From there they ascended to heaven while the waters raged. The legend says that the portion of Lumuluyaw not covered by water was only as big as a stalk of tanglad or lemon grass. As time went by, the second highest peak in the mountain range as well as the mountain range itself came to be called Kitanglad. (Photo courtesy of Peter Saltmarsh)

One Response to “A Legend”

  1. The legend is very interesting because it goes to show the universality of the flood like in Noah’s time. I am curious about the name Nabis ha Agbibilin because Nabi is a Semitic word which in Aramaic (i.e. Arabic and Hebrew) means “prophet.” Wow…

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